Silvia Grace Johnson's Journal

From January 1, 1907 through February 18, 1907


Tacoma, Washington

Tues.,  Jan. 1st, 1907

At Uncle Charlie's at So. Tacoma, first snow this year about two ins. deep, sick all day from my first dose of caster oil - taken New Years eve. Mother and Frank were in and spent New Years here too. For birthday presents, Mother gave me a gold ring, Katherine a belt, Bruce & Frank a watch pin and three beauty pins, Aunt Lettie made a nice birthday cake, Mother & Frank went to Yelm.

Wed., Jan. 2nd, 1907

Got up had breakfast. Auntie Lettie and I went to Tacoma did a little shopping had dinner, Aunt L. went home, I went to dentist and eye doctor, then went back to Harvey's, snow falling thick and fast, found Mr. H. in a little better temper than when went a way. Frid. Found a Xmas present a waiting me on my return, a bottle of perfume from my chum Gertrude Thornton at Yelm, Then got supper washed up the dishes and went to bed.

Thurs, Jan 3rd, 1907

Raining - hard snow nearly gone, windy.  Got letter from Ray Anderson from Seattle wanting information about the broken and lost ring. Wrote to Effie Moore of Yelm, sent Gertrude a card.

Friday Jan 4. 1907

Got up got breakfast, did up the Morning work, and went to down town, did a little shopping, went to Dentist had two fillings put in, Got home found a letter a waiting me from Ben Fox, and a Xmas present of two yds. of cream ribbon, then ate a lunch, and while Mrs. Harvey took her afternoon nap, I answered Ben's letter then fed the old crowing hens. Got supper, did up the evening work, then played checkers with both Mr. & Mrs. H. Then went to bed.

Sat. Jan 5, 1907

Made bread ironed swept, scrubbed the kitchen floor, A little snow on ground, pretty cold, While getting supper started churning the old barn yard pets cream, kept it up for over two hours, changing off now and again with  Mrs. H. to give the weary bones a rest, did up the evening work then found a cozy place in bed to mend up some clothes for the coming week. ( Mrs. H. gave me a pair of cutters for a Xmas present, would have had them sooner but Santa was delayed by ?_  ?)

Sun. Jan 6, 1907

 Mr. H. & I went to church, remained to S.S. getting home at one thirty,  had dinner washed up the dishes, then went to my room did a few little things there then looked over my S.S. lesson.  In the evening Mr. H and I went to C.E. then to Church, being asked by one of the grand ladies of the C.E. to join, promised to do so, & came home washed up the milk dishes, then hit for higher spots.  Cold and a sharp stingy wind all day.

Mon. Jan 7, 1907

Did up the work got ready and went to school, got put back to the 7 A. in a room lighted from the right side, having the same seat I had last year when my eyes gave out. After school went down town to Dentist had one tooth filled, then went to Hays and got my glasses changed, got home after dark got letter from Gertrude - telling all about her Xmas.

Tues.   Jan 8, 1907

Wash woman came, I went to school, Mrs. H. got dinner all but setting table, had a little talk with my teacher Mr. Adams about being put back so far, and about poor light so he set me up at table in front of the school, to be rubbered at by the little tots in busters, and to be called (Old Man Adams Watch) Got home from school scrubbed up kitchen floor, washed kitchen windows, ironed a few hankd. and a few other little things, ate supper, had a spat with Mr. H. as usual over nothing of course, did up my work then went to bed - heavy and tired.

Wed. Jan 9, 1907

Did up morning work went to school, had lunch at noon, after school did some ironing got supper and then ironed some, Dr. Goff came to see Mrs. H. I went to bed and then wrote to Mother being tired and sleepy soon fell to sleep.

Thurs. Jan.10, 1907

Got letter form Mother, Came home at noon finding Mrs. H. making her first batch of donuts, Came home after school and found her out calling on one of her friends. A new thing to happen in this house, after supper I combed her hair, played a game of checkers (while Mr. H. milked) then did up any evening work and hit for bed.

Friday  Jan 11, 1907

Went to school had headache, got excused at 3pm went down to see Hays but he was not in. Weather cold and windy.

Sat.  Jan 12, 1907

Did the work, snow falling.

Sun, Jan 13, 1907

Had sore throat stayed home. Miss Little called in the afternoon. We made ice cream in the AM and ate it in the evening, I Ans. Mothers letter, weather real cold.

Mon. Jan, 14, 1907

Water pipes all frozen up, did not to to school, worked all day helping to thaw out pipes. Got letter from Ben. Mailed Mothers letter and Gertrude a card, weather cold and windy 17 (degrees) above zero. Last thing at night Mr. H. scolded about the fire in kitchen being let go out. Fire kept up all night -

Tues. Jan 15, 1907

Did up the general work got dinner, scrubbed kitchen floor. Went down town. Got ready and went to Dr. Hayes got glasses changed 25% stronger. Bought goods for pink night gown and amt. 50 cents.  Got home had lunch, churned until nine and then did up my dishes getting through about ten. Temperature 17 (degrees) below.

Wed.  Jan 16, 1907

Washed my clothes did my home work, Mr. & Mrs. Harvey tied quilt(?)

Thurs.  Jan 17, 1907

Not feeling very well, throat pretty sore old a little worse, weather pretty cold snow falling a little. Auntie Lettie called up from Mrs. Donalds, got letter from Auntie telling about the visit to see her cousin (got to bed about 10).

Friday, Jan 18,1907

I just now remember now that today is Fred's birthday. He is now 18 years old. A little snow fell last night. Weather is not so cold, I baked today. The plasterer was here and fixed up the plaster in four rooms leaving them all to be scrubbed. Ironed a few of my clothes did up the other work and was then pretty sick and tired. Sent Ben a post card got through with my   work about eight and went to bed.

Sat. Jan 19, 1907

 Mrs. H sick in bed all day. I wrote letter to Auntie, did up the general work have a bad backache cold just about the same.

Sun Jan. 20, 1907

Stayed home all day had bad backache did up the work, rained some, wrote letter to Auntie.

Mon. Jan 21, 1907

Did up general work wrote letter to Mother and Ben, went up to school and got my pencil tablet and ruler, beautiful sunny afternoon.

Tues. Jan 22, 1907

Washed breakfast dishes, wash Woman came and did washing. I wrote to Ray Anderson. Was sick all day just able to be up.

Wed. Jan 23, 1907

Did up mornings work and went to bed sick about eight PM Dr. came.

Thurs. Jan 24, 1907

Morning Auntie Lettie came in stayed all day and all night Dr. came in evening.

Friday, Jan 25, 1907

Mother came in from Yelm Aunt L. still there Dr. came about four P.M. phoned for ambulance Mrs. Harvey sick in bed, got to hospital about seven. Dr. came there and saw me.

Sat.  Jan 26, 1907

Dr. Goff called twice, also Mother.  Was in private room.

Sun.  Jan  27, 1907

Morning Mother came to see me before going back to Yelm after dinner three of the church girls came bringing be a large bunch of carnations. Dr, came about noon. Then Miss Little came then in the evening Mr. Harvey came bringing me a small but very pretty bunch of carnations. Then pretty tired slept well all night.

Sun. Feb 3. 1907

About 8 in. snow on ground in morning Aunt Lettie called to see me bringing me a clean night gown, in the afternoon Gertrude Thornton & Daisy Stafford, from Yelm called, then in the evening Mr. Harvey came. was sitting up in the sitting up in the  afternoon, started letter to Mother, Dr. here about noon.

Mon  Feb. 4, 1907

Snow turned to slush, Dr. came, G. T. &  D.S.  Called. Getting some better, pretty bad cold yet though a little pain in appendix.

Tues. Feb. 5, 1907

 Dr. Came in morning and said I could go to Harvey's, so after dinner I got up and dressed, Mr. Harvey came, then Katherine came in, then hack came and I was wheeled in wheel chair to it. Drove to Harvey's.

Wed. Feb 6, 1907

Afternoon Pedro came to see me bringing me a half doz. Oranges.

Friday Feb. 7, 1907

Afternoon Mother came in, Dr. said I could go home Sun.

Sat. Feb. 8, 1907

Mother and I packed my trunk, Mother got hack and we went to hotel close to depot stayed all night, got new shoes.

Sun. Feb. 10 1907

Morning took train for Yelm, got to Yelm drove in buggy to home. Pedro & Rosy new baby girl born.

Mon. Feb. 11, 1907

Walked up and called to see them, wrote to Mrs. Harvey.

Thurs. Feb. 14, 1907

Got letter from Auntie in Seattle and valentine from Grace McPhail.

Friday  Feb. 15, 1907

Mother went down to see Rosy Van Cleve, who was sick, got letter from Mrs. Harvey.

Sat., Feb. 16, 1907

Mother went down to Pridham?  Sat up all night with sick little girl, Boss went down to Lindstroms, got home about 10:30.  The two Thompson girls dropped in on their way to a little dance in the old school house.  Stayed until 10:20 then I went up with them sat on the bench by the stove for a while and talked with different ones. Then came home.

Sun., Feb. 17, 1907

Morning Boss got up did the milking then went down to the mill, Pedro came up about 8:30, built fire, Frank and I got up. I got breakfast, Boss came back, did up the work, Mr. Wells came up. Three Indian girls came, boss & Frank had dinner at Mill. Mother came home about five went to bed with a cold and tired, I got supper then went to bed.

Mon. Feb, 18, 1907

Got letter from Katherine & Bruce, wrote to Mrs. Harvey.



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