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William Hazen
1872 - 1957
Husband to Florence Hartt The Rev. William Hazen, Scholar and Missionary Rev. William Hazen was born at Jericho, Vermont, studied at Deerfield Academy, the University of Vermont, Hartford Theological Seminary and Yale Divinity School. Ordained in 1897, he sailed for India in 1900 under the American Board of Commissionaries for Foreign Missions. He married Florence Hartt in 1905 in Ahmednagar, India. He was deeply interested in church union and shared in the organization of the United Church of North India. Was secretary of the Marathi Mission from 1910- 1930. RETIRED: after 41 yrs of devoted missionary service DIED: July 7, 1940 Is survived by his wife Florence, now resident in Auburndale. Mass. U.S.A. "Retired Missionary Home" We first met Will when he was principal of the Bombay High School, but really got to know and love him when we were together in Sholapur. A man of unusually fine intellect, with a keen interest in many realms, he had a profound understanding of India and its religious quest. His knowledge of many varied subjects made him a veritable "Walking Encyclopedia" and thus invaluable in an Indian environment where books of reference were not always accessible. But what most endeared the Hazens to India and to us was their practical demonstration of Christian Brotherhood. Like other district missionaries they toured the rual areas teaching the Christian Way of Life and showing how to combat the three "D's" of village life - Dirt--Debt--Disease. But the Hazens went much further. With the Indian Members of their Traveling Ashram they not only shared the simple life of the villagers but they successfully experimented with the meager menu of the land. Restricting themselves to the balanced diet of the recommended government pamphlet prepared for the peasant. They showed by precept and practice how the poor villager could thrive on such a diet without increasing his cost of living, a few annas a day. This unmistaken proof of the Hazen's sincerity made a deep impression on all classes of Hindus and Mohammedans alike. We felt it a privilege and honor to be associated with such selfless missionaries and have happy memories of our many years of friendship. This affectionate tribute from their old colleagues: Richard and Isabel Rose.
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