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Judah Frank Hartt
1869 - 1930
Reprinted from the Rawlins (Wyoming) Republican, Tuesday, May 6, 1930 Judah Frank was born in Castlehill, Arrostook, Maine, on June 29, 1869 and died May 3, 1930 at Bragg, Wyoming. Judah Frank Hartt, whose sixty first birthday would have occurred next month, died at the Memorial Hospital last Saturday evening at 5 o’clock, death resulting from burns which he received at his ranch home about 16 miles west of Braggs. Mr. Hartt had left his bed about 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning and was building a fire in the stove of his ranch home. The fire did not burn readily, so Mr. Hartt took a can in which he thought was kerosene, but in which was gasoline, and poured some of the contents on the fire. The gasoline exploded, fatally burning Mr. Hartt on his body and painfully burning his wife who was in the kitchen at the time. Mr. Hartt’s son, John was out in the yard when the explosion occurred but immediately came into the house. Mr. Hartt was rushed by his son to the city, arriving here about 10 o’clock and entered in the hospital for treatments. However the burns were so severe that medical treatment proved of no avail. Mrs. Hartt, who was less seriously burned, was brought to Baggs and given first aid treatment. Mr. Hartt and his son came into Rawlins, the son returning for Mrs. Hartt later. Mrs. Hartt is getting along as well as can be expected. Was Old Time Resident Mr. Hartt was an old time resident of this country, having lived in and about Rawlins for more than 20 years. He was born in Fort Fairfield, Maine and came west to Montana when yet a young man. He was united in marriage in Montana to Miss Jeannie Dunham about 40 years ago. Upon coming to Rawlins he immediately engaged in the sheep business and had been prominent in that field ever since he has resided here. The greater part of his land holdings were in the Snake River section. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Jeannie (Dunham) Hartt, two sons, John, and an adopted daughter, Mrs. Hazel Scott of Baggs, and a brother, John K. Hartt of this city. Funeral services are being held this afternoon at 2:30 from his home at West Maple Street, the Rev. A. C. Blinzinger officiating. The Woodmen, of which he was a member, will have charge of a short service at the cemetery. Pallbearers at the funeral are Will Mitand, Homer France, Harry Nelson, Christ McPherson, Jack McPherson, and James A. Sheahan. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Collins-Franks.
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