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Horace Bolton Smith
1914 - 2001
Horace, Herbert, Thomas E., Phebe, Thomas, Thomas A., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Horace Bolton Smith was born in 1914 to Herbert and Eileen Smith. Horace succeeded ownership of his fatherís farm. Along with his wife, Grace (Arthurs) Smith,. Horace became interested in municipal politics and was chosen by vote to represent the Parish of Blissville from 1940-1955. Then he was elected to the N.B. Legislature as a Conservative where he served from 1970-1987 and for the greater part of that time was Minister of Municipal Affairs. The Honorable Horace was a people person and was interested in all parts of N.B. He also knew about the house in Farmerston, N. B., once occupied by Dr. Elizabeth (Smith) Secord (1841-1916) -- the first lady doctor in New Brunswick The old Curry House was built in 1900 in Fredericton Junction, N.B. Later, with the aid of a grant from the New Brunswick government, arranged by Horace Smith, the house was bought by the Sunbury West Historical Society Horace died in 2001 and his wife, Grace, died about a year later. They had no children. They are both buried at St. Lukeís Cemetery, Hoyt, N.B..
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