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Mary Alberta Johnson
1863 - 1919
Mary Alberta, Aaron Samuel, Aaron, Samuel Sr., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Mary Alberta was the daughter of Aaron Samuel Hartt (1820-1879) and Catherine Susanna Dayton (1828-1875). Mary Alberta Hartt was born in Marysville, York Co. N.B. on July 3, 1863. She graduated from the New Brunswick Teacher's college and taught school for a while. She moved to Lynn, Massachusetts, where she worked for a rubber company. On May, 20 1889, she married Carl Emil Johnson who was from Sweden, by whom she had a daughter, Silvia Grace Johnson, on January 1, 1890. By 1893, that marriage had ended and she soon made a trip to Tacoma Washington where her sister Annie was. Mary took a position as teacher in a new school in the Yelm school system. A one-room log school building, built by the gentleman who owned the property served as the school. She would teach at that school half-a-day and then ride her horse or horse and buggy to the nearby Nisqually Indian Reservation to teach the Indian Children. She and her daughter, Silvia, roomed and boarded with a local family by the name of Mounts who boarded teachers of the area. Silvia went to school at the school where Annie Hartt taught because a Mother could not teach her own children in her class. Mary Alberta married John Johnson, also from Sweden and in 1898 gave birth to a son, Frank Dayton Johnson. John, affectionately called "Boggy", was in the logging and construction business. They lived on a farm in the Yelm area until her death in 1919, and his in 1920. Mary Alberta loved music, and poetry, memorizing her favorite poems and even writing a few. She had a lovely voice and enjoyed playing the organ and singing with her family. She and her son's wife, Eva Johnson who had received voice training, enjoyed any opportunity they had to sing together. Today there is a grandson, Teen Johnson, who enjoys singing with a Barbershop Quartet, and his son sings with an entertainment group, and the love for music lives on in her many descendants, down to her great-great-great-grandchildren. Courtesy of Eva Miller
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