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Dr. Elizabeth Secord
1841 - 1916
Elizabeth, Phebe, Thomas, Thomas A., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Dr. Elizabeth Secord, the first duly qualified and registered lady physician in New Brunswick, if not all of Canada, passed away at her home, Farmerston, Carleton county, New Brunswick, Tuesday evening at the age of 72 years. Dr. Secord had been in failing health for some years. Her indomitable spirit and vigorous constitution stood her in good stead and the inroads of disease, true to the life principles of the sufferer, were resisted to the last. Dr. Secord has an extensive family and personal connection in different parts of the province and news of her death brings a sense of sorrow and of regret that the life work of this greathearted woman is finished. Dr. Secord was formerly, Miss Smith, a daughter of the late Daniel Smith of Blisssville N.B. and taught school before her marriage to the late John Secord of Norton N.B. Left a widow in early middle age she conveyed the idea of becoming a doctor and studied at Keeokok, Michigan, in Dublin University and in the leading London Hospitals. In face of somewhat bitter opposition she was registered as a certified physician in New Brunswick in June 1883. Since that time up to the last few months she has practiced the profession she loved. She practiced first at Fredericton Junction, then at Norton, later removing to Farmerston and wherever she went she made devoted friends, bringing as well the gift of healing to many an ailing one. She kept in step with the advance of medical science. She always possessed the courage of her convictions and commanded the respect of fellow practitioners. She was an earnest Christian worker, being prominently identified with the old Free Baptist church and later with the United Baptists and the Women's Missionary Society. The great sorrow of her life was the death of her only son soon after he had completed a brilliant college course. She did not allow this to interfere with the great purpose of her life which was to bring health to the ailing and comfort to the distressed in soul. Dr. Secord, is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Henry Hartt (Phebe) and Mrs. Olive M. Smith of Carleton county and two brothers: Daniel E. Smith and William D. Smith of Blissville. Mrs. L.R. Webb and Mrs. Luther B. Smith of the west side are nieces. Stanley K. Smith, a city editor of the Daily Telegraph, is a nephew. The funeral will be held this morning at Blissville at 10:30 a.m. Interment in the Baptist cemetery.
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