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Rev. John Hartt
1830 - 1904
Rev. John, Samuel Jr., Samuel Sr., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Rev. John Hartt was born to Rev. Samuel Jr. and wife Mary (Estey) Hartt on March 20, 1830 in Wakefield, Carleton Co., New Brunswick. He was one of eleven children, having had four sisters and six brothers. Elder John Hartt was a Primitive Baptist in New Brunswick, Maine and Nova Scotia. Two of his brothers were also in the Ministry; Aaron, a Free Christian Baptist and Reformed Baptist; and Henry, a Free Christian Baptist and Primitive Baptist. Rev. John married Clarissa (Calarisfa) E. Hammond on December 24, 1857 in New Brunswick. Calarisfa was born in December of 1823 in Victoria Co., New Brunswick. To this union they had one child, a daughter, Irene Hammond Hartt. Little Irene was born October 3, 1858 and died as a young infant on October 31. 1858. Calarisfa Hartt died only a few years after her daughter on Aug 5, 1862 at the age of 39. Rev. John Hartt married a second time to Amanda Caroline Kelly on August 8, 1868 in Alva Arrostook. Maine. Amanda was born in Blissville, Sunbury Co., New Brunswick. Amanda gave birth to a son, Judah Frank Hartt, on June 29, 1869 and died about five weeks later, on August 2, 1869, at Castle Hill, Arrostook, Maine. Rev. John married a third time on February 8, 1870 in Maple Grove Ft. Fairfield, Arrostock, Maine. His third wife, Rebecca L. Kelly, was a sister to Amanda, his second wife. One can only imagine that he needed help raising young Judah and that Rebecca would be a natural for this role. Rebecca and Rev. John had another son, John Kelly Hartt, on May 13, 1871 in Maine or Ft. Fairfield Arrostook, Maine. John joined the second Wakefield Free Christian Baptist church in 1854 and was chosen deacon in 1858. By 1867 he was traveling with the ministers to remote settlements in Victoria Co. N.B. He was ordained probably in Maine, C.1870's. It is said he was also a Justice of the Peace. In 1878 he attended the yearly meetings of the Free Baptist General Conference, (organized by George W. Orser who was forerunner of the Primitive Baptists. In January, 1879 he helped them ordain a minister, then joined Orser's group and became one of their leading ministers. He spent some years in Nova Scotia and gathered at least two churches at Kemptville and East River both in Yarmouth County. He had revivals at both places. John Hartt had a remarkable memory. He could recite portions of the New Testament by heart. Those who knew Hartt said he was a forceful speaker, who was capable of dealing with any opposition or disturbance that arose when he was preaching. Some elderly converts of Hartt's related that on one occasion he paused while baptizing converts to address some young men whose rude and loud remarks were disturbing the people. Such was the effect of his words, that some of the young men came to him soon afterward to ask his forgiveness. John died February 6, 1904. He is buried in Larlee Creek Cemetery in Victoria County, which is in the northern part of New Brunswick. Sources: Cathy Hartt - great-granddaughter of Elder John Hartt and his 3rd. wife, Rebecca L. Kelly. Excerpts from "Biographical Directory of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick "Free Baptist Ministers and Preachers" by Rev. Frederick C. Burnett New Brunswick Gazetteer - re Wakefield, Carleton County, New Brunswick Janice Stelma - Research volunteer - Yarmouth County Museum, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.
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