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Dr. Thomas Phillips, Jr.
1817 - 1890
Doctor Phillips died at his home in Clayband township, Oceana County, Michigan on 8 December 1890 at the age of 73 years. He was born in New Brunswick 4 April 1817 and was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Hartt) Phillips who moved to Michigan in 1849. Thomas and Elizabeth married on October 27, 1802 in Gagetown, N.B. (Thomas married Ada Grow later). Elizabeth was born May 14, 1787 in Granville Township, N.S. and died between 1850 and 1860. In 1847 the Doctor went to Oceana and after a year he went to White Lake near Whitehall. With John Hanson, Walter Duke and others they explored the shores and the interior of what is now Oceana County and finding lands that were in every way satisfactory for settlements. Early in the summer of 1849 he came back with his family to Claybank. He built the first sawmill in the county at a place called Stoney Creek. After settling in Claybank he farmed and practiced medicine. He married Emeline Bowman on the 13 July 1845 wit whom he had seven children, six boys and one daughter. His wife Emeline died the 27 April 1874. He then married Anna Maria Haggerty (Widow) on the 8 May 1874 eleven days after the death of Emeline. Anna Marrie Haggerty’s maiden name was Vanderventer. born 16 Nov. 1821 – 7 Feb. 1897.
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