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Jarvis W. Hartt
1812 - 1873
Jarvis, Aaron, Samuel Sr., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Jarvis Hartt was born July 12, 1812 at Kingsclear, York, New Brunswick. He was the son of Rev. Samuel Sr. and Mary Estabrooks. He married Prudance Boardman Brown. Their children were: Anette, Prudence, Jennie, Mabel, Emma, Prof. Charles Frederick, Geo LeBaron, Sarah. "Our citizens were grieved to learn of the death of Jarvis W. Hartt, Principal of the Young Ladies High School (St. John) which took place at the residence of Joseph Read, Leinster St. where he had been boarding since the destruction of his house on Dorchester St. by fire in April. Mr. Hartt’s family have been quite scattered since the fire. Mrs. Hartt being on a visit to her sons at Utica, New York and one of his daughters being on her way to Halifax and others on the way to the country for a visit so that not a member of his family was present at the sad moment of his decease. An inquest was held on the body yesterday. Verdict " Died from natural causes." Funeral was held Wed. 2 p.m. from residence of his son-in-law J.W. Harrington, corner Queen and Pitt Sts. St. John. He was buried in the Fern hill Cemetery, Westmoreland Road." Taken from Vital Stats.

Hartt's Island, in the St. John River, near Fredericton, was a part of his father's farm. Jarvis could not graduate from the university because it was not open to Baptists, officially. He completed the course there, but was not permitted to get a degree, and this injustice led directly to the founding of the Baptist Seminary at Fredericton in 1835, of which the Rev. Frederick Mills was principal, and Jarvis Hartt his assistant. Mrs. Mills had an assistant in the "female department" Prudence Boardman Brown, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, to whom July 11, 1839, Jarvis was married. In 1841 he resigned from the seminary to conduct a private school at St. John, N.B. In 1846 he took charge of Paradise Academy, at Wilmot, Nova Scotia. In 1851 he became principal of Horton Academy at Acadia, where he spent nine years. In 1856 the honorary degree of M.A. was conferred upon him by Acadia College. In 1860 he returned to St. John with his eight children, upon the graduation of his son, Charles Frederick, from Acadia College He started the high school there with his children, Charles F. and Martha Jane, as his assistants, and was later made principal of the girls' high school where he served until his death. SOURCE: History of Passaic and Its Environs by William W. Scott Historical---Biographical VOL.I, pg. 108 (VI)
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