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Samuel Hartt, Jr.
1799 - 1867
Samuel Jr., Samuel Sr., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Samuel was a son of Rev. Samuel & Clarissa Hartt.Sr. He was born April 23, 1799. Died Jan 16, 1867.in Upper Brighton. He married Mary Elizabeth Estey, October 17, 1822. Rev. Samuel Hartt Jr. and his wife Mary Elizabeth Estey lived at Kingsclear and Jacksontown, New Brunswick. The farm was in the Hartt name 100 yrs (1967) at Jacksontown. N.B. Rev. Samuel was a clergyman and was by the testimony of everyone who knew him a man of wonderful force of character. "Taken from the Religious Intelligencer" of yesterday we gather a few particulars relative to the life and labors of Rev. Samuel Hartt, recently decease. He was born in 1799 and was consequently about 68 years of age at the time of his death which took place at Brighton (Carleton Co.) In his early life, he was instructed in the doctrines of the highest school of Calvinism, but having strong doubts to the correctness of the doctrine then held, was led to separate himself from the Calvinist Baptist body and commence his labors as an evangelist outside the connection. His labors contributed more largely than that of any other to the formation of the Free Church Baptist denomination which was organized at Victoria Corner (Carleton Co.) in 1833. Mr. Hartt was an earnest laborer for the ministry, visiting every section of New Brunswick as well as portions of the U.S. and Nova Scotia. Written in 1867 Buried in Lower Waterville United Baptist Cemetery, Founded 1840, Restored 1988 Waterville, Carleton County. His gravestone is a very large white marble obelisk-shaped stone. Inscription on his stone reads, " Elder Samuel Hartt died Jan 16, 1867 aged 67 years. This monument was erected by the members and friends of the Free Christian Baptist Denomination in New Brunswick. The purpose of his life was to glorify God through Jesus Christ in the salvation of mankind. He was eminently ----to his calling and his works follow him.
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