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Bruce Hart
1938 - 2006
No relation
NEW YORK (AP) _ Bruce Hart, best known for his "Sesame Street" lyrics & THE SONGFree to Be ... You and Me," has died. February 24, 2006. He was 68. Hart died Tuesday at his Manhattan home of lung cancer, according to his wife, Carole Hart. The couple wrote for the PBS television children's show after its debut in 1969. While creating dramatic sketches, Bruce Hart also wrote the "Sesame Street" theme lyrics and music with Joe Raposo and Jon Stone. After one season of "Sesame Street," Hart and his wife produced an album and television special called "Free to Be ... You and Me" with Marlo Thomas, starring Mel Brooks, Harry Belafonte and Michael Jackson. Bruce Hart also worked for the TV show "Candid Camera" and wrote the lyrics for the Cass Elliott hit "One Way Ticket." He and his wife produced the Emmy-winning NBC series for adolescents "Hot Hero Sandwich," and a series of educational films about psychology. Hart is also survived by his brother, Alan Hart, of Akron, Ohio. Contributed by Allen Humphries
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