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Edna May Franklin
1889 - 1973
Edna, Matthew, Jonathan, Thomas A., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Mother was born in Naponee, Nebraska she was the last child of Matthew, who at the time was either 59 or 55. She was raised by an Indian woman who she thought of as her mother as never had any contact with the women who was supposed to be her mother (Elizabeth Minervia Spencer 1848-1897) So you can see there is something strange here. I visited my aunt and uncle in Naponee in 1947 when I was 17, and Pat (Clarence) Hartt told me that my Mother Edna was Indian, like a fool I said that I had heard that and dropped the subject. I now think that she wanted to meet me, and lived in Naponee at the time.

Motherís date of birth, she had always thought it to be 1893, the 2nd date of 1889 was shock to her. It came about when she needed a passport in 1946, There was no record of her birth any where. She was found living with Belle in Edmore in 1900. They put her down as 11 which she could not be. She was sure that she was 7. (Seven and eleven do sound alike.)

Matthew and my mother left Naponee by train when she was 7 (she thought) and went to Edmore, Michigan. Motherís half-sister then took her into her family (Belle Colegrove)

Edna married Roswell Earl Franklin on August 11, 1922, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Edna had her Masters in Public Nursing. Roswell and was a professor, teaching in the Engineering Department at the University of Michigan.

Children of Edna Hartt and Roswell Franklin are: Joan, and Charles.

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