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Mildred Ruth Spaziani
1912 - 2006
Mildred, Albert, Walter, Albert, John, John, Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Mildred Ruth was a daughter born to Margaret (Belanger) and Albert Philip Hartt on February 25, 1912. She met Philip Leo Spaziani while walking along the boulevard at Short Beach between Revere and Winthrop, MA one summer night in 1931. Leo was born December 28, 1911, (named Felice) in Alatri, Italy. He died March 26 1997. They were married in 1933. (He officially changed his first name to Philip when he became a citizen in 1939 but was still called Leo all his life) He was a self-employed barber with his own shop in the Beachmont section of Revere and later in Winthrop center. Mildred worked in the City of Boston as secretary to a small group of young attorneys. Not alone among her nine sisters, she defied her mother by marrying a few days after her twenty-first birthday, - and worse, married an Italian!

Growing up in the Hartt's crowded 11-child household, Mildred was used to self-discipline. They had a large apartment with four bedrooms on Thornton Park, Winthrop. Calm, quiet order along with good grades was primary parental expectations, - so books were plentiful. Christmas presents were usually books. To keep down the clutter, a couple of times a year Mildred's Dad would tour the rooms, collecting toys and books and would donate them to the local hospital or public library.

This enforced lack of ownership was good training for the sparsely furnished flats, which followed Mildred's marriage in 1933 and Philip's loss of the business early in '34. The depression was bearing down on everyone, and Mildred did what she knew best, - she imposed order and discipline on the household. Clean rooms, budget envelopes, and recycling (before anyone used the word) were the order of the day.

Another area of Mildred's of expertise was housework. She actually enjoyed ironing! Altho' she always had a supply of Spic & Span, bottles of bleach and ammonia, her children say she had the ability to remove stains with a hard eye and plain water. She was the queen of clean! Household discussions were usually practical.

When she retired from the Continental Insurance Co, she looked forward to time for reading! Mildred's leisure time passion was American Colonial History with emphasis on Boston. She thought sleeping was a waste of time and would stay up half the night reading. While she could work up steam over almost any problem, her favorite gripe was the poor treatment of her favorite city by the British! To hear her talk, March 17th, Evacuation Day, the Boston holiday celebrating the withdrawal of British troops from the city in 1776 was the best day of the year! While she damned those miserable Red Coats, I wonder if she gave thought to any loyalist Hartt's who may have squeezed aboard the ships that sailed for Halifax that day.

Children of Mildred Ruth and Philip Spaziani: Philip Albert, Walter Thomas,, Frederick Francis 1942-1991, Christine Ruth
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