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Matthew Hartt
1831 - 1900
Matthew, Jonathan, Thomas A, Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Matthew was born March 5, 1831, a son of Jonathan and Jemina Philips Hartt in Canada.. He married four times: Marriage number one - Harriet Malotte, April 10, 1852. Harriet died in 1867. They had five children. Marriage number two - Elizabeth Smith, July 4, 1868. They had one child. Marriage number three - Minerva E. Spencer, Aug. 23, 1873. Minerva died May 24, 1893. They had three children. Marriage number four - Jane Sanford, Sep. 6, 1899. Jane died in 1923. Matthew was in a lumber mill business at Sand Lake, Kent County, Michigan, with his brothers Samuel and William. The mill burned down in the 1860s (that year doesn't appear to be correct).
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