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Aaron Hartt
1811 - 1868
Aaron, Thomas, Thomas A, Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Aaron was a son of Thomas & Phebe Hartt. He married Levina Tracy born Oct. 4, 1817. Levina was the last principal at Mount Bleak Academy. Aaron married the 2nd time to Mary Jane Alexander who was born 1827 and died in 1868. They were married May 12, 1848 by Elder Abner Mersereau. They were Baptist people. Aaron, Mary Jane Hartt, are buried in Gladstone Cemetery, NB. Aaron was a farmer and lumberman and he built the first homestead erected on the present Don Byers property. Aaron’s farm was flat alluvial land situated in the valley, the greater part being inundated annually in the early spring by freshets from melting snow and backwater from the swollen Saint John River. After the floods receded native grasses grew rapidly in the fertile soil of the low meadows, providing hay of poorer quality than cultivated hay of highland farms. The house, built on the highest ground, near the riverbank of the North Branch, was sometimes surrounded by water during these floods and could be reached only by boat. Later the old house was moved from the river to be used as a shed when a new house was built. They found the walls insulated with sheets of birch bark, a common practice years ago. The children were born on the homestead farm. —Taken from the Days of Old. Child of Aaron & Levina (Tracy) Hartt: Levina Emilina 1840. Children of Aaron & Mary Jane (Alexander) Hartt: Annie Jane 1849-1997, Phoebe 1851-1935, Angline infant, William Dell 1856-1923, Thomas Aaron 1858- 1930, Samuel 1863-1930, Mary Etta 1866-1913.
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