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Pioneer Thomas Hartt
1771 - 1853
Thomas, Thomas A, Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Thomas was born 1771 in Sunbury County, New Brunswick to Thomas and Sarah (Hawkes) Hartt. Thomas died Dec. 1, 1853. Thomas at the age of 22 married Phebe Phillips of Oromocto Falls on Aug. 23, 1803 at Maugerville, Sunbury Co. NB.. Both are buried in Gladstone Cemetery, Fredericton Junction, Sunbury Co., NB. Thomas Hartt established a lumber and gristmill at the first falls of the North Branch of the Oromocto River known as Gaspereau Falls and acquired the Sherman Grant property of 900 acres. In 1815 Thomas built a house, which was known locally as the “Beehive.” It was the first house in the settlement with sawn lumber used in the construction. The “Beehive” had remained with the Hartt descendants until sold by a great-great-grandson, Harold Nason. The house had nine bedrooms and he housed the men who worked in the mills. Any travelers who came along could also stay all night. The house is in the process of being torn down (2003). The town was called “Hartt’s Mills” until the railway was built in 1869 and the name was changed to Fredericton Junction. Their family all married and settled in the parish. The mill was left to the oldest and youngest son David and Thomas. David sold his part of the mill to William E. Perley. Thomas Todd from St. Stephen bought them out for $30,000. This gave William and Thomas each $15,000. The homestead and surrounding farm was left to Phebe Hartt, Thomas’s widow, and his daughters, Matilda Jane and Mary Ann, under terms carefully stipulated. The Hartt’s Mills cancellation stamp used in the post office has survived to this day. It is said that the older boys and younger men from the region gathered on Sunday afternoons to hold wrestling matches at the store/post office. —Taken from Days of Old by permission. Children of Thomas & Phebe( Phillips) Hartt: David 1805-1893, Rebecca 1806-1876, Phebe 1809- 1883, Josephus 1810, Aaron, 1811-1868, Sarah 1814- 1885, Thomas E. 1818-1890, Madtilda 1823-1901, Mary Ann 1825-1891, Elizabeth 1827-
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