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Ernest W. Bastian
- 1947
Ernest, Clara, John, Aaron, John, Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Ernest W. Bastian was born in Rogersville, North County, N.B.; the year is not available. He died at St. Joseph's Hospital in Toronto, Ontario July 25, 1947. He married Florence J. Gauvreau (also spelled Gureau) on June 30, 1921, Harcourt, Kent County, N.B. they had 2 sons. They divorced when the children were small. Living in the U.S. at the time, Florence kept the youngest and Ernest the oldest child. He came home to Rogersville and lived with his parents and small son. From that time on, the boys were separated. The oldest, Donald, joined the Navy during WW II and the youngest, Carl, the Army. Carl was wounded in his head on Sept 17, 1944, and from then on had a silver plate in his head. He suffered from severe headaches. Ernest suffered from Asthma all his life. All kinds of cures were sought to no avail. Sometimes he slept his nights in a chair or not at all. Ernest moved to Toronto in the late 40's. Asthma kept him from much manual labour and severe attacks landed him in Hospital numerous time. His last attack resulted with his lungs filling up with fluid and he died from smothering. His remains were brought home to his parents in Bathurst. He is buried alongside his parents and his brother, Charles.Children of Ernest & Florence (Gauvreau) Bastian: Donald; Carl
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