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John Henry Bastian
1858 - 1948
Husband of Clara Hartt Bastian
John was born in August 1858, in Rogersville, North County, New Brunswick. He was the son of Frederick John Bastian and Elizabeth Isabella Sticklens. John was a Provincial Constable during WW1 and had the task of rounding up deserters and bringing them back to their outfits. One such deserter eluded John as he was being chased. He ran into the Catholic Church in Rogersville, up to the altar and hid behind the Priest during Midnight Mass. John on horseback drove the horse into the church up to the pulpit and caught the deserter; swinging him up behind him he took him to the troop train and turned him over to his commanding officer. John was also a farmer and a lumberman. On Sept. 25, 1886, John applied and received a N.B. Land Grant, Volume 123, Grant #20944. Place: Rogersville Parish, North. County. Accompanying Plan: Yes Acreage 100 Microfilm #16422. This acreage he cleared, planted, cut the trees and farmed until such a time as he was no longer able to do so at which time he sold the farm and moved to Bathurst, Glou. Co., N.B Died: May 28, 1948, Campbellton, Restigouche Co., N.B. in his 90th.year at the home of his daughter Kathleen (Richard) Wood) The body was brought to the home of his other daughter, Mrs. Caroline (Robert) Wood in Bathurst. Pallbearers were Richard and Robert Wood (sons-in-law) Ralph Wood (Grandson) Herbert and William Bastian (sons) and Lionel Harris a good friend. Children of Clara (Hartt) and John Bastian: Herbert (1877- 1964); Mary (abt.1879-1891); Ella (1881-1952) Frederick John (d 1882); Laura (1885-1977); Charles Frederick (1892-1892); John F. (1895-1918); Carolina Albina (1888-1966); Katherine (1893-1995); Charles Elvin (1897-1945); William James (1900-1983); Ernest; Annie (died 1887)
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