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Clara Melinda Bastian
1858 - 1948
Clara, John, Aaron, John, Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Clara (Clarasy) Melinda Hartt was born October 15, 1860. Derby, North Co., N.B. Married: John Henry Bastian, July 23, 1876 at the Methodist Parsonage, Derby Parish by Rev. D. H. Lodge For 72 years the couple spent their lives in Rogersville, North Co., N.B. Canada. The past few years they moved to Bathurst. Clara was a dedicated wife and mother. She cooked for her family, tended the animals, worked in the fields (sometimes even taking a newborn child along in a basket.) and worked alongside her husband. At sheep shearing time she helped with the shearing, afterwards washing the wool, carding and spinning it and finally weaving it into cloth, which she made into clothes for her family. She was a midwife to the neighborhood women. Even thought there was no Protestant Preacher in the area (one came once a month if the weather was allowable) Clara would gather her children around her knee and read the Bible. She was very religious. Clara died March 10, 1948 at her home in Bass River, Gloucester Co., N.B. in her 88 yr The funeral of Clara took place on Saturday, March 13th. at her home and was conducted by Rev. Capt. A. G. Philpotts; assisted by Rev. J. A. Cooper; Rev. D. K. Macleod and Rev. G. T. Honnor. Choir led by Mrs. Archie Ronalds at the organ. Rev. MacLeod led in prayer. Rev. Cooper read a part of the 14th. Chapter of St. John's Gospel after which The Rev. Honnor gave the address based on the portion of scripture reading. Hymns sung were all favorites of the deceased. Pallbearers were R. J. Wood (son-in-law) Ernest Woods (Campbellton) Robert Wood (son-in-law) Charles, Ralph, and Ervine Wood (grandsons) all of Bass River. Mrs. Bastian left 30 grandchildren and thirty-one great grandchildren. Rev. Philpotts conducted a service at the gravesite. Burial was in the First United Church Cemetery, Bridge Street, East Bathurst, Glou. Co., N.B.
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