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Helen Emily Thompson
1925 - 1994
Helen, Odber Ray Sr., Odber, George C., John, Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Helen Emily was born to Odber Ray and Dorothy (Beaver) Hartt January 16, 1946. Helen met and married my Dad, Robert Charles Thompson, March 25, 1946 in Wichita Falls, TX, after she graduated from the U. of Texas. Dad graduated from the U. of Illinois and law school at Tulsa University. The son of 2nd generation Norwegian immigrants, Charles and Sadie (Peterson) Thompson, he was fresh off the farm in Minooka, Illinois, and anxious to make his contribution to the WWII effort. Grandad Odber Hartt was a flight instructor at Shepard AF Base in Wichita Falls, and enjoyed bringing the flyboys to his home for Sunday dinner (as well as introducing them to his pretty teenage daughter). Dad navigated B-52s over Africa, Japan and Korea, and during the Korean War, Mom got down to her task of raising five children. Shortly after his AF discharge, Dad took an auditing position with Shell Oil Co., a job which moved us sometimes every 6 months. Like so many kids growing up in the 50s and 60s, we had a warm and wonderful childhood: days in the sun and sand, nights filled with fireflies and Monopoly (not to mention those snowy walks to school dressed like the Michelin man or hiding under our desks as Castro aimed his missiles our direction); we saw stunning scenery and awesome national landmarks in our travels and learned to love the varied climates and terrains of this incredible country. After his final move to the Houston area (Conroe), Dad became Vice President of Finance for Shell and retired in 1984. He bought a ranch in Wortham, TX, and became a Limousin cattle breeder. Dad died of pancreatic cancer in 1991, Mom of a brain hemorrhage in 1994. Children of Helen (Hartt) and Robert Thompson: Carol, David, Jane, Sarah, Suanna
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