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Matilda Loretta Hartt
1855 - 1902
Wife of Odber Hartt
Matilda Loretta Kilburn was born January 16th, 1855, in Kingsclear, New Brunswick, to Benjamin and (probably) Margaret P. Kilburn. The Kilburns were a Scottish family (probably by way of Massachusetts) engaged in the lumber business.. Odber and Loretta married in New York City December 26, 1878 but moved back to Kingsclear around 1897. In her short 47 years, she gave birth to 11 children, 3 of whom died in infancy. She may have been treated for depression in her last few years, and is reported to have rarely appeared at social functions. Of the few photos I've seen, all show a sweet-faced woman tinged with a mix of strength and sadness. Loretta died on September 8, 1902. She was originally buried on the Kilburn farm but when the Mactaquac Dam was constructed, her burial place had to be relocated to Kingsclear Cemetery, N.B. Children of Odber Miles and Loretta (Kilburn) Hartt: Harry Dell 1891-1965; Benjamin Franklin 1882-1882; Wilbur Miles 1879-1966; Jennie 1883-1885; Margaret Maud (1883-1966); Frank K. 1886-1887; Mabel Idella 1899-1994; Hazel Loretta 1895; Frederick 1892-1892; Etta May 1889-1891; Odber Ray 1893-1970 Contributed by Jane Heron
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