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Odber Miles Hartt
1852 - 1918
Odber, George C., John, Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Odber was born September. 4, 1852 in N.B. and he died March 5, 1918 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Tarrytown, New York with three of his infant children and his mother. As there is no record of the family on the 1861 NB Census, it is presumed that the whole family moved to the USA before he was 9. He was An Apprentice shoemaker in North Adams, Mass. He would have been about 19 years old when his father died In the 1871 Census for the Parish of Wakefield, Odber was listed in the household of James Boyer, a Boot and Leather Manufacturer. It appears he returned from North Adams, Mass. and was in that area when his father died.
Odber married Matilda Loretta Kilburn of Kingsclear, NB, on Dec. 16, 1878, in New York City. When Odber Miles and Loretta returned to live in Fredericton about 1897, they lived on York Street where the Hartt Boot and Shoe Factory Co. Ltd. was constructed in 1899. Two years after Loretta died, he sold his share of the factory, and moved back to the USA in 1904. They were Free Christian Baptist people. He married again a woman who had been also previously married; so then he acquired a second family of two stepdaughters: Pam and Gwen Roberts. Over the years he worked in shoe factories in Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York at Gardiner and Estes, Michigan and Indiana. The last factory Odber Miles managed was in Huntington, IN. It was sold at public auction in October 1941. Odber Miles taught boxing in New York City, Fort Wayne, IN, and Boston. He used the attic of his house in Indiana, as a gym. In an exhibition match, he knocked out John L. Sullivan with a lucky punch. Loretta lost her prize parakeet in Fort Wayne, IN. Odber heard there was one in a house two blocks behind their house. He knocked on the neighbor’s door and his reputation as a boxer, scared the man into giving up the pet bird. The Silver Company, shoemakers in Tarrytown, New York, awarded him a gold cane as he had been plant Superintendent there from 1887 to 1897, before moving back to Fredericton to build the Hartt Boot and Shoe Co. Ltd. While he was working there, he leased an Estate overlooking the Hudson River next to the estate of J. D. Rockefeller. Children of Odber Miles and Loretta (Kilburn) Hartt: Harry Dell 1891-1965; Benjamin Franklin 1882-1882; Wilbur Miles 1879-1966; Jennie 1883-1885; Margaret Maud (1883-1966); Frank K. 1886-1887; Mabel Idella 1899-1994; Hazel Loretta 1895; Frederick 1892-1892; Etta May 1889-1891; Odber Ray 1893-1970
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