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Ruby Lucille Phillips
1952 - 2005
No relation
RUBY LUCILLE (HART) PHILLIPS 1952-2005 No relation Ruby was born March 6, 1952 in Independence Missouri, died at the age of 52, January, 1005 in Bristol, Tenn. Services at Payne Spring Baptist church on Thursday, January 13, 2005 at 11:00 A.M. Payne Springs, Texas. She is laid to rest in Post Oak Cemetery, Malakoff, Texas. She is the daughter of George Henry Hartt Sr. and Joyce Potts Hart, three brothers George H. hart and Billy W. Hart and his wife Judy D. Hart and Charles David Hart and sister-in-law Pamela K. hart and two sisters Joyce M. Jordan and brother-in-law Fred Jordan, Idella M. Hutchins and brother-in-law Keith H. Hutchins and daughter Ileena S. Hart and son Christopher Hart Mason, Two half sisters Debra Kenyon and Gertrude L. Hart all of which live in Texas, and a grand daughter Amber Beaird and a Grandson Nicklas Beaird and many nieces and nephews. Ruby as a little girl was always curious about many things, She was always saying let me put on my thinking cap and she would go outside and start looking all around on the ground and she would find either money or something of some value of some kind. Even this Christmas David had asked her if she could still put on her thinking cap and she asked if he wanted her to go outside and look to see if she could so went outside and found $10.00. Ruby was gifted with many talents, she loved to dance and sing to all kinds of music. Ruby loved to climb trees and was always getting into trouble and blaming it on her little brother. Ruby had a few nicknames like: Little Ruby, Little bit, Tinder Bell and were used around the house a lot. Ruby loved the outdoors and when she would come down to visit she would pitch a tent and did her cooking outside and never wanted to impose on anyone. She played the drums in high school and she took acrobats in elementary. Ruby even got a black eye playing softball with the boys and was a great left fielder. The biggest catch of all was her catfish. Ruby got her Red Cross swimming permit for Life Guard. She worked as a florist. Her talent with her hands was beyond imagination. For Ruby Christmas was her favorite time of year. As a child she was always looking for things around the house to give to her little brother and middle sister and if she found a tree branch cut from the Christmas tree she would help her sister and brother decorate it and put it in their bed rooms. Ruby loved to go to stock car and speed races with her husband. Ruby became not only a sister but a friend she could make you laugh from Tennessee to Houston back up to Nebraska and all the way back to Texas. Ruby knew her Lord Jesus Christ, she was baptized at the age of 10 in Dallas at West Illinois Church of Christ. The family could all write a book about their little gypsy and their treasured memories deep within their hearts. But most of all this past Christmas and her playing Santa Claus and wanting all her family to be at peace with each other and love one another and to show it. Precious memories of her life will always be with us all.
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