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David Vincent Hartt
1906 - 1947
David V., Thomas B., David W., Thomas E., Thomas, Thomas A, Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
David Vincent Hartt is the son of Thomas & Helen (Nason) Hartt and lived from May 16, 1906 - Dec, 14, 1947. As a young man he worked in his father’s General Store. (Thomas Byron) He and his two sisters Caroline A.B. and Florence A referred to their father as TB as "The Boss" because he always had employees working in the store for him who referred to him as “The Boss.” So when the children were young they picked up on this. After Vince finished school, he took a business course in St John and after the store closed he had a trucking business in the summer. He also managed the only garage in Fredericton Junction during the winter. The owner of the garage As Mersereau went to St John and worked at the winter port each year. The trucking business was lucrative when the Conservatives were in power. When the Liberals were the government he didn’t get much work. Vince liked to hunt and fish and was probably the best-dressed sportsman in N.B. All the pictures of him depicted him in a shirt and tie. One fishing picture even shows him in a white shirt and tie. Vince was always known to have a very dry sense of humor, as did his father. He married Edna O’Leary Fletcher (1909-2001) on July 30, 1931 in Saint Anne’s Parish Church in Fredericton Junction, N.B. They eloped only to see their wedding announcement in the paper the next day. In 1947,Vince was fighting a fire down at Pride's Landing, which is on the North Branch of the Oromocto River. He came home and died shortly after of a Coronary Thrombosis at age 41 yrs. (A very young man) At the time of his passing he was a councilor for Sunbury County, New Brunswick Both Vince and Edna are buried in the Gladstone cemetery, Fredericton Junction, N.B. Children of David V and Edna (Fletcher) Hartt Helen Patricia , Thomas Richard Sandra Ellen
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