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Rollin Lynde Hartt
1870 - 1946
Rollin, Charles, Jarvis, Aaron, Samuel Sr., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
ROLLIN L. HARTT, 76, AUTHOR AND EDITOR; Writer of Articles and Books for Fifty Years--Ordained a Minister in 1896 June 18, 1946, Tuesday Page 25, 552 words Rollin Lynde Hartt, author and editor, died yesterday morning in the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center at the age of 76, after an illness of six months Rollin Lynde Hartt was born November 20, 1869 in Ithaca, New York. to Charles Frederick and Lucy Cornelia (Lynde) Hartt of New Brunswick. Rollin married Jessie Clark Knight December 25, 1901 in Rockland, Maine. Jessie was born Dec 14, 1874 in Rockland, Maine and died 18 Apr 1917. He had a second marriage to Helen Harrington in 1920. Helen was born 1871 in Michigan. Her parents were from Ireland. Rollin died in 1946. In a book called "Ohio comes of Age, 1873-1900", Philip D. Jordan, in his 2nd Chapter on the Political Scene of 1873-1877 refers to Rollin L. Hartt as the "traveling journalist". Rollin L. Hartt is quoted many times in just this one book. Rollin was a Congregational Minister and journalist identifying the shift in African-American community after the WW I. Rollin and Jessie had an adopted son Jack born in April 1912 in France and a natural son Frederick Charles Hartt b 1914. Rollin died in 1946

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