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George Le Baron Hartt
1849 - 1913
George L., Jarvis, Aaron, Samuel Sr., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
George LeBaron was born to Jarvis and Prudence (Brown) Hartt July 11, 1849 in Wilmot (Paradise) Nova Scotia. He died January 9, 1913 in Passaic, N.J. He married three times. 1st marriage to Claudine Matilda Millington. She was born in Passaic NJ. 2nd marriage to. Margaret Florence Montgomery Hartt, April 27, 1876 in church of Holy Trinity, New York, NY. She was a daughter of Henry and Jessie (Main) Hartt born June 28, 1849 died December 17, 1877 at 142 East 34th Street, New York. 3rd marriage to Hester Elizabeth Downing. She died 1892 On account of ill health, he had little schooling as a lad, but he was able to take a special course at Cornell University, where his brother, Charles Frederick, was a professor. There he developed a talent for art, and, on coming to New York at the age of nineteen, he began to study art as his life's work. Mr. Hartt was art editor of the New York "Daily Graphic" in the days when illustrations had to be made by hand in black and white. He handled many famous assignments in his day, including the Brooklyn Academy fire and the return of Boss Tweed to New York under arrest. He was the first man to telegraph a picture, and it was long a mystery how the "Graphic" could print the picture of a boat race at Cornell University the day after it happened. He did this by a system of lines and numbers. When Mr. Hartt left the "Graphic" he went into the commercial field and was head of a number of art departments of printing and lithographic companies. He moved to Passaic in 1885 and was identified with the social, artistic and musical life of the city until his death. He was involved with the Kenilworth Society, the Century Club, the Passaic Choral Union, and many organizations during his life here. He had a dramatic tenor voice and at various times sang in nearly all of the choirs of the city. He was for a brief time a member of the Passaic Board of Education. Mr. Hartt, through his mother, Prudence Boardman Brown, was descended from Simon Willard, who came to America in 1605 and whose family never left the Colonies. SOURCE: History of Passaic and Its Environs by William W. Scott Historical---Biographical Vol 1, pg. 109 (VII) Child of George and Claudine (Millington) Hartt: Constance Endicott dies 1982 in Hawaii. (cousin Frederick Hartt took care of her affairs when Constance died)
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