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George Montgomery Hartt
1877 -
George M., George LaBaron, Jarvis, Aaron, Samuel Sr., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
NOTE: no death date available; he was alive in 1922.
George was a son of George and Margaret Hartt was born in 1877 in East Thirty-fourth Street, New York, his mother dying seven days later. As a child he lived in New York City, Brooklyn, St. John, New Brunswick, and Clifton, New Jersey. He was eight years old on coming to Passaic. He went to old No.1 School, No.3 School, and the old high school, from which he was graduated in 1895. In November, 1895 he joined the staff of the Passaic "Daily Journal." a paper then published by Joseph F. Morris. He was with the "Journal" three months, during which time he reported the City Council, the Board of Education and the Board of Health. He next engaged with his father in the publication of the "Central Monthly," a short-lived periodical. In April, 1896, he was offered a position by the late Dennis W. Mahony as reporter on the Passaic "Daily News." He has been with this newspaper ever since, except for a year and four days in 1900-1901 he was a reporter on the Paterson "Morning Call." He was city editor when he left the "Daily News" and when he was recalled it was to become its editor, succeeding William J. Pape. Mr. Hartt continued to serve as editor under the proprietorship of the late George Philip Rust and of Charles Rust, and in December 1916, he and James T. Barker, the general manager of the "Daily News" purchased and reorganized the company and became its majority stockholders. When Mr. Barker retired from the company in January, 1922, Mr. Hartt and Randolph E. Lent, who had joined the management in 1919, bought Mr. Barker's interest. He is a member of St .John's Episcopal Church; and of Passaic Council, No. 1092, Royal Arcanum; and the Passaic Chamber of Commerce. He is president of the Passaic Daily News, Inc. He married Marie Russell Aug 29, 1913 SOURCE: History of Passaic and Its Environs by William W. Scott Historical---Biographical VOL.I pgs.109-110 (VIII)
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