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Jennie M. Hartt
1842 - 1871
Jennie, Jarvis, Aaron, Samuel Sr., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Jennie is a daughter born to Jarvis and Prudence Boardman (Brown) Hartt on approx 1842 and she died March 13, 1871 age 29 in New York. She married Dr. Henry LeBaron Hartt, son of Henry Hartt and Jessie Main, on Thursday September 24, 1864 at the house of the bride’s father by Rev. Samuel Robinson. She married her sister Martha’s husband. He was a doctor in New York. Their children Henry LeBaron was born in New Brunswick, Florence in New York, USA and Le Baron Botsford Manhattan, New York. Children of Jennie (Hartt) & Henry LeBaron Hartt: Henry Le Baron 1865, Florence M 1866, LeBaron Botsford 1869.
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