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Maude Whitcomb Embrey
1912 - 1967
"Maudie" was born December 25, 1912 in Portland seemed to have a lot of energy or it may be that I had none. She stood less than five feet tall, wore a size 4 shoe and weighed barely one hundred pounds. To me, she was a very pretty woman. When she was about 16 years old, she left home, as she and her step-father did not get along. She moved to Venice, CA and lived with Eva Cook, a friend of hers. Working in a restaurant there is where she met her husband to be, my father, Dennis Allen Burge. It is not known if she graduated from high school. She probably did not as she was married in October 1930 and would have been in the graduating class of 1931.Their marriage took place in Visalia, Tulare Co, California. Any earlier knowledge of my mother is lacking. As an "only" child for eight years, I took everything for granted, felt safe and secure and didn't worry about tomorrow let alone yesterday. I am sure she told me about her early life but did I not retain what I was told, which I now regret. She always worked out of the home from being a waitress (when I was about six), to cleaning houses, and eventually being a clerk and bookkeeper at the Fort Lupton Hardware and Supply store. I learned from this, that as a mother myself, I would always be there when my children came home from school because I didnít like coming home to an empty house. I achieved this goal. My mother was also my best friend and I missed her tremendously when she wasn't there. When at home, she kept a clean house, was an excellent cook, and in the summer canned all our fruits and vegetables. Moving from California to the farm in Fort Lupton during World War II was not easy for her; we had neither electricity nor indoor plumbing, including water. I watched her work very hard and am sure I did not contribute as much as I should have. Some of Mom's favorite things were Emeraude perfume, pansies, Judy Garland, and movies--I remember during the 40's we saw many musicals that were featured at the Star Theater in Fort Lupton. After my graduation in 1951, when I was seventeen, I moved out on my own. Shortly thereafter, she and my father were divorced. She remarried in about 1955 to Charles Embrey and they moved to California.

From Blade-Tribune Tuesday, Sept. 26, 1967 p2 Maude W. Thorley (Burge) Embrey 1913-1967 Oceanside -- Mrs. Maude W. Embrey, 54, of 1310 Cornish Dr., Oceanside, died Sunday at her home. A native of Portland, Ore., Mrs. Embrey came to Oceanside 12 years ago from Denver, Colo. She was a bookkeeper at the United Furniture Co. and a member of St. Ann's Episcopal Church. Surviving are her husband, Charles E., daughters, Mrs. Julyna Landa of Anchorage, Alaska, and Mrs. Beverly Moon, of Denver, Colo. and her mother, Mrs. Mary Timmerman of Oceanside. Funeral services will be held Thursday at 2 p.m. at Oceanside Mortuary with Fr. William A. Driver officiating. Interment at Eternal Hills Cemetery will follow. Oceanside Mortuary is completing funeral arrangements.
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