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Jonathan Hartt
1779 - 1846
Jonathan, Thomas A, Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Jonathan was born 1779 in Maugerville, Sunbury County, N. B. He married Jemima Phillips June 22, 1807 in Gagetown, Queen’s County, N.B. a daughter of Thomas and Phoebe (Bedford) Phillips. Jemima Phillips was b 1788 in Maugerville, Sunbury County, N.B. or 1790 in Lincoln, N.B. Lived in Fredericton Junction, New Brunswick Moved to Ontario with the family and later died near Hamilton, Ontario. Jonathan died in 1846 and Jemima in 1849. Children of Jonathan and Jemima (Phillips) Hartt Mary 1808, Elizabeth 1818-1888, Thomas, George Whitfield, John, William, Hudnutt, James 1832-1890, Matthew 1831- 1900, Samuel 1834 –1909, Phoebe Ann 1835, Margaret, Debarrah (we do not know the birth order of the children without birth dates)
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