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Frederick Jonathan Falkenberg
1903 - 1988
Husband of Phyllis
Jonathan was born in Edmonton July 09, 1903. Jonathan’s early education was received at McCauley Public School. His first job was with the Bank of Nova Scotia for two years, then as a financial reporter with R. G. Dunn and Co. for four years. Jon joined Investors Syndicate in 1929 as a salesman and became provincial manager in 1932—a position he held until his retirement in 1979. He was a founding member of Edmonton Symphony Society, and Fort Edmonton Historical Society among other clubs. He served in the reserves during the Second World War with the Edmonton Fusiliers Second Battalion. Jon and Phyllis Moyes were married June 27, 1936. One son Sandford (Sandy) was born to them in 1941. Jon passed away while vacationing in Honolulu, Hawaii, February 02, 1988. Phyllis, who later moved to the Vancouver area, passed away seven years later, January 30, 1995 also in Hawaii.
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