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Lillian Ada Mellen
1867 - 1951
Lillian, Samuel, Samuel Jr., Samuel Sr., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Identification Key to 50th Anniversary picture. 1941 Lillian Hartt and Arthur Mellen had 9 children and look what they have 50 years later.~ Back Row Barbara Mellen, Thelma Mellen, Edwin Jacques, Harry Smith, Isabel, Howard Earl Mellen Jr. Charlotte Mellen, Ralph Mellen, Mason Blake, Robert Smith Middle Row: Ida Mellen, Theodore Mellen, Dorothy Mellen, , Hazel, Smith, Earl Gloria, Stanton Lillian & Arthur Mellen, Myrtle Mellen, Ray Mellen, Marjorie, Judah, Mary, Nancy,Marilyn Esther Front row: Theodore Arthur, Shirley, Joan, Myrtle Thelma, Edith Smith, Carol, Roy Clayton, Cynthia, Doris? Edw J. Jr., Rutha

Lillian was born on June 10, 1867, in Hartfield, NB, to Samuel & Mary Ann (Hayes) Hartt. She married Arthur Eugene Mellen, son of John Loring and Venetia Ruby (Clyne) Mellen. They were married Nov. 18, 1891 in Lowell, Middlesex, MA Lillian Hartt attended Normal School in Fredericton, NB. and taught school one term. She came to Lowell, MA, when she was 20 yrs old and worked in the cloth room of U.S. Bunting Company. She joined the Good Templar Lodge where she met Arthur Mellen . They had nine children: Myrtle Beatrice, Earl Rufus, Raymond Arthur, Hazel Belle, Judah Hartt, Ida Pearl, Theodore Orrin, Dorothy Mae and Marjorie Eudora. Lillian passed away in January 20th, 1951. She is buried at Edson Cemetery in Lowell, MA
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