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Harold Wilfred MacPhail
1896 - 1972
Harold, Carrie, Aaron S., Aaron, Samuel Sr., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Wilfred was the first son of James and Carrie MacPhail. Wilfred was born June 25, 1896, and died November 1972. Wilfred served as an officer in the Canadian Army Engineers in WWI and with the Corp of Signals in WWII. He studied electrical engineering at Nova Scotia Tech but left before graduation to take over the operation of the McPhail General Store on the death of his father. He was not cut out to be a storekeeper, however, and the store closed in 1930. Wilfred joined the immigration service of the Federal Government where he served for many years. He was involved in local politics and served on the local council for several years. He married Myrtle Keith in 1924. She died 1973. Children of Wilfred & Myrtle (Keith) McPhail: James William 1926, Mary Jean 1929-1979, Robert abt 1930, Caroline 1939.
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