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Katherine Grace MacPhail
1892 - 1984
Katherine, Carrie, Aaron S., Aaron, Samuel Sr., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Grace was born June 23, 1892 to James and Carrie Hartt MacPhail. Grace, after finally getting free of the family store, went to Boston, Mass., where at the age of 32 she enrolled in the school of nursing at the Peter Brent Brigham Hospital. She had wanted to become a nurse from an early age, but her father would not permit it. When it became apparent that the MacPhail General Store would not survive long after Jamesí death, her mother encouraged Grace to take up nursing. She stayed on at the hospital after graduation and eventually became matron at the school of nursing, where she remained until her retirement some thirty years later. She never married, and was much loved Aunt to all the family. She had snow-white hair from her thirties on. She loved to socialize and visited with various family members regularly. She retired to Pembroke until she decided that with failing eyesight she would sign herself up for a nursing home in Prince Edward Island close to her youngest sister Mary. She died there in 1984 at the age of 92, and is buried in the family plot with her parents in the Perth Cemetery.
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