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Carrie Amelia MacPhail
1866 - 1939
Carrie, Aaron S., Aaron, Samuel Sr., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Carrie was the seventh child of Aaron and Catherine (Dayton) Hartt. She was born Jan. 29, 1866, in Marysville, York Co., NB. She was known by some of the family as Caroline Amelia and she often went by Carrie Alberta Hartt, but always she was called “Carrie.” She died Dec. 1939 in Perth, NB. Carrie and her younger sister, Grace Augusta, lost their parents at a young age but were well looked after by other family members. She attended teachers college in Fredericton during the 1881-82 school year while living at the home of Charles Hartt on King Street. Carrie accepted her first teaching assignment in the “Scotch Colony” at Upper Stonehaven, in the hills behind Perth on the St. John River. The colonists were Scots from Aberdeen shire that had arrived in 1873. She replaced John MacPhail who had served as the first schoolmaster. She was much loved by the Scots and was referred to as ‘Miss Hartt’ until her death even though she married James Watson MacPhail in 1891. James Watson MacPhail’s story can be found on the web pages: www.myhartt.com & www.harttfamily.com He died in 1922 and he and Carrie are buried in a lovely plot on a point by the St. John River in the Perth Cemetery, Victoria County. Children of Carrie (Hartt) & James MacPhail: Katherine Grace 1892-1984, Gertrude Irene 1893- 1959, Harold Wilfred 1896-1972, Norval Hartt 1898- 1982, Carrie Isabel 1902-1967, Mary Alberta 1906- 1997
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