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Margaret Gladys Greenwell
1924 - 1995
Margaret, David Roy, William Charles, Aaron Samuel, Aaron, Samuel H.A., Jonathan, Capt. Samuel, Isaac
Margaret was the fourth of seven children born to Roy and Jennie Hartt. Charlotte Griffiths Comments... My sister Margaret surprised the rest of the family in what she accomplished in life. Daddy called her Pudgie because she was skinny and sickly as a little girl. He never thought she would live beyond 3 yrs. What she lacked in some areas (she needed speech therapy before entering school and had to work extra hard for her grades) she made up by her gentle spirit with people and animals . She was a dear sister who lived out that God's plan was good (and fun a lot of the time) and her example was a big help to me in my teen years. She also was very gifted musically. In Portugal, she was said to have the "tongue of the Portuguese" and people frequently mistook her for a national on the phone. She loved serving the people God gave her to love, through music and camp other ministries. She and her husband arranged their finances so each year Margaret could visit her elderly parents in Canada, and her month-long visit was a highlight in their year. They even flew to visit her in Portugal 2 different times. At the end of Margaret's long struggle with cancer, which ended in 1995 in Bradenton, FL, the TEAM Portuguese group of churches sent a senior pastor to attend the funeral and to speak a wonderful tribute in her honor. She is deeply missed by her husband, family, and many many Portuguese and other friends. Russell Grewell's Comments (husband of Margaret)... The Lord brought us together in marriage in our early forties in 1968. Though we continued to hold meetings and work with the contacts in the interior for a few years after our marriage, our main ministry from 1968 was the development of the Porto church. In Lisbon (before our marriage) Margaret was often called upon to minister musically in many of the usual small congregations of the Lisbon area - with trios (etc.), voice solos and playing the organ, piano or her accordion for the worship services. In our Bible camps her musical ministry was a central part of the camp program - always getting together, a good choir, duets, trios, etc., and camp group chorus & hymn singing. She often taught Bible study hour for children & young people. Her music ministry was much blessed in the radio outreach. And then she did correspondence course follow up with those who were contacted. I know one of the ladies she led to the Lord in her ministry. Our last contact with this lady was shortly before we retired. She was living in France and still going on very strong for the Lord in spite of her rascal husband and her daughters who had turned away from the Lord. Her ministries made a tremendous difference in the Porto church planting -and in the interior. For one thing, Russell doesn't have much range or volume in his (duck quack) voice and, without an instrument, consequently, he was floundering in trying to teach hymns & choruses to new Christians - Margaret to the rescue! Then, in a society where single men are greatly suspect, it was difficult for him to have a ministry to the ladies (other than from the pulpit). She was also great with the children & young people.
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