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Phebe Smith
1809 - 1883
Phebe, Pioneer Thomas, Thomas A, Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Phebe Smith died at Blissville, Sunbury County, on Dec. 24, 1883. Mrs. Phebe Smith, widow of the late Deacon Daniel Smith, was aged 75 years. Her maiden name was Hartt, daughter of the late Thomas Hartt Esq., of Blissvi1le, Sunbury County. Sister Smith had been a member of the Free Christian Baptist Church 60 years, and was a widow for 22 years. After the death of her husband, she felt that the family alter, at which they had so long worshipped together, could not be allowed to go down, and for many years continued to bring her household before the Lord in daily family worship. She was a woman of a strong mind and was a blessed worshipper. Often impressively solemn in her looks and yet sparkling with cheerfulness, and a most exhilarating and comforting mother in Israel. She was an example of faithfulness and a zealous working member of the church. Her testimonies in the house of God were often delivered with great power and emotion of the Holy Ghost. As a friend she was self sacrificing and sincere. By her frequent motherly visits to the sick throughout the neighborhood, she made a host of friends and did much good. For many years her house was a home for the travelling and weary servants of the Lord. Many of our Ministers have often been refreshed by her abounding acts of kindness to them. Blessed seasons of worship have been enjoyed under her roof, when praises and prayers and hearty wholesouled shouts have gone up before the Lord like a cloud of holy incense. But sweet as much worship was, it was but earthly worship; now she enjoys the heavenly. Her work is done. Her conflicts are ended. She prays no more. “Blessed are the dead who died in the Lord.” Her funeral was largely attended. Rev. J. Gunter, who had also buried her husband, preached a most acceptable and appropriate sermon from the very suitable text “she hath done what she could.” It was very fitting that this venerable servant of God, who had known her so many years, should preach on the occasion. Patiently did she bear her tedious illness and the bright hope of meeting Jesus and her dear ones in heaven bore her up until she at last peacefully passed away. Eight children survive her, nearly all of who were present at the funeral. One son, B.H. Smith, M.A., is in British Colombia, and one daughter, Elizabeth C. Secord, M.D., is attending Medical College in England. May it be that, as the dear ones of this broken family may, one after the other, come down to the cold waters of the river of death and shall feel the dark billows darkening about their naked souls, Jesus may be with them, helping to place their feet upon the white stepping stones on which are his bloodstained footprints thus passing safely to the evergreen shore “just over there”. G.A.R Her gravestone is in Blissville United Baptist Cemetery: Daniel Smith, d. 24 Oct 1861, aged 59 yrs.; Phoebe, d. 24 Dec 1883, aged 74 years; George W., d. 3 May 1854, aged 9 yrs.
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