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George W. Hartt
1884 - 1965
George, James, Jonathan, Thomas A., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
George was born August 14, 1884 to James and Mary Hartt in Albion, MI George grew up hunting and fishing with the Indians around Coral. He was said to have been an expert at throwing a tomahawk, equalizing the fact his brothers were much larger than he was. Rather than become a lumber sawyer as his brothers were, George went into the printing business. He graduated from Albion College in 1912 and married Erma Reed, daughter of David E. Reed, a Methodist circuit preacher. Erma was born Aug 27, 1889 in Stanwood, MI. & died Jan 9, 1985 in Long Beach, Los Angeles, California. David E. Reed was a partner of George Bennard, author of “The Old Rugged Cross.” George served as a deputy Michigan State Prison warden and wrote an article for the Encyclopedia Britannica about prison reform. He founded and published – the Lancaster Daily News paper in Lancaster, Ohio, started creative incentive programs to boost circulation in various papers, and was an executive with the Jackson Daily News. . He started prison farming in Michigan and invented the rural route boxes (now tubes) for the delivery of newspapers to rural homes. George W Hartt retired and died June 6, 1965 in Long Beach, CA. Contributed by Goeff Hartt
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