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Elizabeth Jane Hartt
1837 - 1890
Samuel, Jonathan, Thomas A., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Pioneer Newspaper Grand Rapids, Michigan - April 9, 1890 Mrs. Samuel Hartt, of this city, whose residence was on the west side of Rose Avenue, passed peacefully away last night at half past two o'clock. Her sickness lasted about two weeks in all, and most of the time was quite painful and severe, but she bore it all with patient resignation, having the thought impressed upon her mind from the beginning that she would not recover. Mrs. Eliza Jane Hartt was 53 years old the 24th of last February, and was born and brought up in Canada. She was joined in marriage to Mr. Samuel Hartt a little more than 35 years ago. As the result of their union, there have been born to them five children in all, four of whom are still living, three girls and one boy. Their names are Mrs. H.L. Carter, of Sand Lake, Mrs. L.B. Bradish, of Grand Rapids, and young Mr. C.H. and Miss Sylvia Hartt of the old home in this place. Sylvia being the youngest has been the special comfort and companion of her mother in these last years. Mrs. Hartt came with her husband from Canada to Michigan in 1869, and was located first at Woodville. After four years they moved to Sand Lake, and after a residence of thirteen years in that place they came to Big Rapids, where they have found a pleasant home ever since. Mrs. Hartt was a quiet, retired and unassuming wife and mother and her home was her chief delight. She greatly loved her husband and children, and as a natural result they were all greatly devoted to her. All of the children bear testimony with tears to her unfailing love and tenderness. She brought up her children in the fear of the Lord and has gone on before to welcome them upon the other shore.
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