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Samuel Monroe Hartt
1834 - 1909
Samuel, Jonathan, Thomas A., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Samuel was born September 15, 1834 in Salt Fleet Township Wentworth County, Ontario to Jonathan & Jemima Hartt. He married Eliza Jane Gilchrist in Princeton, Ont. Canada Sept 3.1854. She was the daughter of John and Montcalm Margaret Gilchrist. Eliza was born Feb 24, 1837 in Canada. In 1869 the family moved from Canada to Woodville, MI. After four years in Woodville, the moved to Sand Lake, MI where they lived for 13 years. Samuel was a Mill Owner. Finally, they moved to Big Rapids, MI and lived there until their death. Eliza died in the spring of 1890. Samuel died June 6 1909.
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