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Richard King
1931 - 2004
Husband of Carol; Carol, Clara, Edward, Thomas E., Thomas, Thomas A., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac
Carol met Richard (Dick) King in 1979 who was at the time half Owner and Manager of King Construction based in Fredericton. They did a lot of construction work around the Fredericton area. Richard had obtained his university education in Engineering at Mount Allison University and some of his class mates were Wallace and Harrison McCain owners of the Frozen Food Empire in NB and Margaret McCain who served as Lt Gov of NB and Marilyn Trenholm Council who also served as Lt Gov of NB and "Hunk" Buchanan who served as Premier of NS and Bill Langstorme Music Producer and husband of Ann Murray. Dick also was a well-known musician in the Fredericton area and often played his 4-string guitar at social events and music concerts. Dick was an enjoyable asset to the Nason family and after visiting the Junction number times he decided he wanted to move out there. They bought the old Harold Moore house, which is situated right beside the old MillBrow house. Dick fit right into the community and involved himself in local events with eventually serving several years on the town council including Deputy Mayor. He loved to garden and began planting a big one each year and he loved cooking. He watched all the cooking shows and made pickles and canned more stuff than anyone could eat and gave most of it away. After enjoying a 10-year happy relationship they decided to get married - and did so on Feb 2, 1990 at the Justice Building in Fredericton, NB. They also went on several fantastic winter vacations down south cruising around the Caribbean. Richard spent his last 11 working years with the NB Government as the Construction Estimator Manager. He retired in 1994 and spent his retirement years doing community work, cooking, gardening, and playing in the local band. One of his long time community jobs was with the Come Home Week committee - serving several years as Chairman. He also held the position of Chairman of the Ambulance Board for the last several years and had a great rapport with the EMT'S. In 2004 he was chosen by the community for the honour of "Citizen of the Year" - unfortunately he never knew about it and it was awarded posthumously 3 weeks after his death. He passed away on Saturday, July 10, 2004.

My Dad passed away Friday July 9, 2004 in Fredericton hospital on the eve of my summer vacation. I spent the following week in Fredericton Jct. taking care of the business at hand. He is now buried within a kilometer of his house, near the banks of the river that runs by it. The entire town of Fredericton Jct. turned out for the ceremony as he was much beloved locally. The roads were blocked off by the police and fire dept. and a large motorcade accompanied us to his burial. He was a great man and led a full and illustrious life full of countless adventures. He is survived by son Richard Jr, daughter Barbara Jean (King) Messervey of Hubbards N.S., and widow Carol King of Fredericton Jct., and numerous grand-children and host of friends
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