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Hartt Family Journals

Caroline Hartt
Caroline Hartt's
Journal Sunbeam
Written by Caroline Hartt
Transcribed by Caroline's grand-daughter,
Carole Dick.
David Roy Hartt
David Roy Hartt's
This narrative was dictated in 1977.
Except where indicated, the information was current at that time.
Don H. Denton
Don H. Denton's Trip to the
1934 Chicago World's Fair
Don's notes about a trip from Bellingham, Washington to Chicago and back home in 1934.
Katherine Wright Hart
Katherine Stow Wright Hart's
Life On The Prarie
The Mid-1800s
Silvia Grace Johnson
Silvia Grace Johnson's
From January 1, 1907 through February 18, 1907
William Charles Hartt
William Charles Hartt's
May 9 to July 16, 1883

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