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Elizabeth Cheney
1948 - 2003
Wife of Richard Cheney: Richard Jr., Richard Sr., Harold, Samuel E., Samuel Jr., Samuel Sr.,Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Elizabeth (Beth)Jarboein was born April 1, 1948, in San Antonia Texas. Her dad was in the Air Force and she traveled from Texas to Hawaii, Virginia and finally to North Carolina. She met Rick Cheney singing in the Duke Chapel Choir and were married at Duke University Chapel October 7, 1972. Together they raised two sons. Alex E. and Matthew W. The whole family likes theatre and have been in several plays together. Beth directed several shows. Both sons have carried on with theater in their adulthood. 2001 Christmas, the whole family, Rick. Elizabeth and Matthew, went on a Holland America cruise ship to watch Alex sing and dance. They were hoping to go on more cruises with Alex. The other son Matthew is a professional entertainer. Beth passed away with cancer November 22, 2003, in Newport News, VA. She was cremated and ashes were placed in Williamburg Memorial Park in Williamburg, VA.
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