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Gilbert Ernest Hartt
1890 - 1950
Gilbert, Alfred, Thomas E., Thomas, Thomas A.,Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Gilbert was born July 8, 1890, at Blissville, Sunbury County, NB, and died April 17, 1950. Gilbert married Maude Rutherford Jan. 20, 1913, at Main Street Baptist Church, Saint John, NB. Maude Alma was born 1890 Westfield, Kings County, NB, and died in 1954. Both are buried in the Greenwood Cemetery, Saint John West NB Gilbert was an entrepreneur and involved in different businesses during his life. He operated a clothing store for a time in Digby, NS, where his eldest son Donald was born. He was also known to own racehorses. In later life, he bought and sold wood products for Oxford Paper of Maine. In the process, he accumulated land and operated portable sawmills. During the Second World War his exports of wood product to the war effort flourished. When the war ended he had established The Hartt Lumber Company on land he owned in South Bay on the old river road to Fredericton outside Saint John. He operated a sawmill from this location using the timber cut from his own lands. When his two sons returned from overseas after the war he took them into the business. Children: Donald Rutherford 1913-1978, Lloyd Russell 1919-1991
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Photo of Gravestone
Courtesy: Tom Hartt
Cemetery Picture
Courtesy: J. N. Gaudet (Panoramio.com)
St. John West, St. John County
New Brunswick

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