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Charles Berton Lockhart
1855 - 1848
Husband of Theodosia, Thomas Endicott, Pioneer Thomas, Thomas A. Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Charles was born to Charles Dixon and Hannah (Rea) Lockhart on Feb 4, 1884, in Moncton, New Brunswick. He grew up to be a very honorable, kind and compassionate man. Three times elected to the Common Council. Twice chosen as a Conserative representive of St John in the New Brunswick Legislature, His business training won him recognition in Legislature Halls. He served well. For 16 years he was a member of the School Board, a Commissioner of the General Hospital for a period. He was a member of the council of the St John Board of Trade. He was chairmamn of the Returned Soldiers Committee after the First W.W. He took a keen interest in the work of the Bible Society. He was a Baptist and a faithful supporter of Charotte Street Baptist church. He was treasurer of the church for a time and Sunday School Superintendent. Early in life he joined the Cadets Of Temperance. On February 14, 1884, he was married to Theodosia Hartt, a daughter of Thomas E.Hartt of Fredericton Junction, NB. They took up residence in Fairmont, a family home,when they got married. Charles died in his 93rd year 1948. Children of Charles & Theodosia: Helen Alberta 1887-1946, Murray 1890-1891, Alice Tuppe 1893-1963
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Courtesy: J. Madsen
Photo of Gravestone
Courtesy: B. Piers
Cemetery Picture
Courtesy: J. N. Gaudet (Panoramio.com)
St. John West, St. John County
New Brunswick

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