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Laura Blanche McCain
1891 - 1982
Laura, George Albert, Sarah, Thomas, Thomas A, Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Laura was born October 13, 1891 to George Albert & Annie Hastings. Her grandparents were William & Sarah (Hartt) Perley. She was married October 2, 1918 in Fredericton to Andrew Davis McCain. It was a little odd as Andrew was more than 40 and Laura was 26. Andrew was a vocal and active scion of the local Liberal Party; she came from a long line of true blue Tory politians. Andrew was Baptist and Laura an Anglican. They decide to attend both churches. Laura taught Sunday School in both churches on a Sunday. The lst W.W. was coming to an end in 1918. She retired from formal teaching and set her mind of making and raising a family of her own. They had 6 children in 12 yrs. The family was prominent in agriculture (potato farming) and various other enterprises of which the best known is the frozen food industry. Andrew died in 1953. Laura missed him dearly. Names of the children are: Marie 1919, Andrew #2 1921, Robert 1922, Eleanor 1925, Harrison 1927, Wallace 1930 Please read the newspaper article.
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