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Robert Tilloton Hartt
1901 - 1980
Robert. Julius, Aaron Samuel Jr., Samuel Sr.,Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Robert was born February 7, 1901, to Julius & Jenny Hall Hartt in Boston, Mass. He married Teresa Lorraine White September 15, 1925, at London, Ontario. Born August 15, 1900, in London, Ontario to Harry & Theresa White. Robert became vice-president Of Zellers Store in Montreal in 1940. In Canada's Who's Who book he is described as Vice President and assistant general manager of the Zeller Stores throughout Canada. He resided in Mass, & Conn. until 1923- New Jersey 1923-1928--Montreal Quebec 1928-1930--New Jersey 1930-1931-- Montreal PQ 1931-1945. Later he was in Victoria, British Columbia with another wife called Lucille Elsie Cogtan married December 12, 1957, San Diego. USA. Lucille's parents lived in Victoria too. He was a graduate of Trinity College, Hartford Conn. Post- graduate of University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario and New York University. Robert T Hartt died in Royal Jubilant Hospital, Victoria, British Columbia Sept 11, 1980. He died of toxic shock caused by a urinary tract infection. He was cremated. Daughter Mary Theresa Hartt b. July 30, 1925, in West Orange, New Jersey. She attended McGill University in Montreal. Quebec Son Robert Morris Hartt b. May 30. 1931. He attended Bishop's College at Lennoxville, Quebec.
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