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Margaret Gladys Grewell
1924 - 1995
Margaret, Roy, William, Aaron S., Aaron, Samuel Sr., Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Margaret was born Aug. 3,1924 in the Norwegian Hospital in Seattle, Wash. Her dad called her "Pudging" because she was skinny and sickly as a little girl. He thought she would not live beyond 3 years of age. Very dedicated parents brought her up in a Christian home. She accepted the Lord as her Saviour as a child of 8 yrs and renewed her commitment when a teenager. She attend Prairie Bible Institute. Margaret served with the Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) in Portugal from 1948-1992, first in Lisbon as a single missionary for 20 yrs and then in Porto in the north after marriage. She married Russell Grewell Sept 15,1968 in Lisbon, Portugal. Margaret was often called upon to minister musically in many of the usual small congregations and at Bible camps- with trios, voice solos and playing the organ, piano or her accordion for the worship services. At the end of Margaret's long struggle with cancer which was April 1995 in Bradenton, Florida, the TEAM Portuguese group of churches sent a senior pastor to attend the funeral and to speak a wonderful tribute in her honor. She is buried in Skyway Memorial Gardens, Palmett, Manatee County, Flordia
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Palmett, Manatee

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