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Nathan Staker
1801 - 1883
Elias Hart's wife Cornelia Staker Jr. was a sister to Nathan Staker

Nathan Staker was born in Kingston, Ontario in 1801. His first wife was Jane Richmond, married in 1827 in Illinois. She died of small-pox on February 11,1852 When Nathan and his motherless children first went to Pleasant Grove, Utah, the Bishop introduced him to a widow, and told him that she was the woman he should marry. That is just what Nathan did sometime later. Her name was Eliza Cusworth Burton, widow of Joseph Burton. They were married in 1857 in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City, and in 1858 they moved to Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete County, where he took an active part in pioneering that city. While living there, he and his wife, would go back to Pleasant Grove for a time in the fall of the year. He would work in the molasses mill and she would cut and dry fruit by spreading it upon the roofs. Nathan with the other pioneers suffered a lot of hardships and privations. They helped fight the Black Hawks and other Indians. For more than two years he herded the town sheep in what was then Thistle Valley, and is now Indianola. He where he was in constant danger of being killed by Indians. He was always kind and honest in his dealings with his red brothers, following the council and advice of Brigham Young "that it was better to feed them than to fight them." Many times he gave his pot of mutton and dumplings to them and went hungry himself, thus winning their friendship and respect. Nathan was a good farmer and gardener and had the first and finest orchard in Mt. Pleasant. He exchanged cheese and meat for fruit and shade trees with his son, William, in Sugar house Ward in Salt Lake City. He was a God-fearing, honest, and hard-working man that raised a large family who loved and trusted him. He lived and taught "Do to others as you would they should do unto you". He never went in debt and taught by precept and example the regular attendance at Church. He and Eliza and family never missed Sunday School or Sacrament meeting unless they were ill. He was blessed with all the spiritual gifts that were promised the believers by Jesus Christ. Nathan Staker, lived to be 82 years of age. He died May 29, 1884. He was buried 2 June 1884 in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery after one of the largest funerals ever held in Mt. Pleasant.
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Mt. Pleasant City, Sanpete County

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