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Victor Person
1998 - 1965
Husband of Mary Hartt, Edward, Thomas E., Thomas, Thomas A, Jonathan, Samuel, Isaac

Victor E. Person was born 1898. He married Mary Hartt December 16, 1919 in Saskatchewan. Mary became a schoolteacher. Victor had built a garage with living quarters at the back. In the first years he had gas pumps as well as did Mechanic work. He repaired radios and was fond of experimenting with "Ham" radio. He installed a light plant and supplied the village of Fairy Glen, Sask. with electric lights. Later he became an agent for the Burns Co. and also the Pool buying stock for them. On Saturday mornings he would have to get up at 3 a.m. to help load the stock on the freight train and they would be on their way to Winnipeg. He died December 6, 1965. Mary died February 19. 1967 Children of Mary and Victor Persons: Muriel, Gladys, Erma. Ronald, Rowena
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